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Monday, June 29, 2009

Saved By The Palm Pilot T/X

Posting from the Jebel Ali Seamans Centre. I didn't give myself enough time to pack my laptop but did bring the Palm Pilot. I followed my sister's directions and went to settings. Now I'll be able to post text via email from the ship. Cool! Unfortunately, company policy doesn't allow attachments. That means no pics until I reach Singapore.

Starting tomorrow or the next day, I will begin posting the thirteen pages (Yikes!!!) of my writings since the ship left Charleston. Each section will be dated from when it was composed. I hope that will allow readers to better follow the events until I get caught up with realtime events.

Pictures and a few video clips should arrive around July 9th. That will be when the ship will be in Singapore.

At this point, I have to say that the trip has not been without incident. Sorry, but no pirates. However, a couple of our guys got on the wrong side of the local immigration authorities. No good. I'll fill you all in on that later, once all the facts come in. Too bad you're going to have to first wade through all the crap I've written but not posted yet.

Well, the live music has started in the club It's time to close. Stay tuned in the mean time.


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