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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Back on the East Coast: Another Salting, Passage of a Sailor, an d a Jack Tar Update

The ship is back on the East Coast. I was wrong about thinking that there
would be no more "saltings." The morning after the ship arrived in New
York, the Reeferman discovered salt on his chair. He immediately accused
Day Junior Engineer, Rocky Balboa of the "crime. Rocky is a well-liked, and
very nice and mellow Filipino and is also the smallest guy on the ship.
Little Rocky Balboa. It was very obvious that Reeferman Brian had no idea
who was actually behind the deed, but when he started making threatening
statements toward Rocky, Danny, an AB and a fellow Filipino, jumped in to
defend Rocky. Fortunately, never escalated beyond this.

The thing is, though I can't prove it, I still think Cecilio salted Brian's
chair just before he left the ship, the night before, to end his time
aboard. Nothing like a free-shot from the foul line. And all through this,
Brian never reflected upon who actually might have cause enough to
antagonize him. It goes to show how some people are oblivious as to how
their behavior affects others.

A tragic note: An AB I sailed with before, on other ships, recently passed
away. Phil Fritts was taken down by a stroke, shortly after he ended his
tour aboard the President Polk. It was severe enough that his prospects
looked poor from the start. I believe he was in his late 50's. Phil was
somewhat an odd duck, but he was also a decent person. My prayers go with

Well, the ship is on its way to Charleston. We are supposed to pick up the
pilot around 2000 tonight. It's going to be a late one at the dock. I just
hope to have enough time to hit Whole Foods before we leave on Monday. My
fingers are crossed for those Garden of Eatin' Red Hot Blues blue corn


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