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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Grim Tidings...? or "The Blue Screen of Death Strikes Again!!!"

I can't believe it's happening. My Gateway notebook computer finally has
shown me the blue screen of death. It's been six years since I bought it,
and--after all the wheezing and puffing it has exhibited to me over the last
couple of years--it finally decided to wave the blue flag. Well, instead of
letting it die a dignified death, I decided to resusitate the coma victim.
I am re-formatting the hard-drive. I accept the ugly fate of amnesia in the
name of preserving the body. Re-education might restore the memory, but I
realize that this creature will never be the same. It will be like the mind
of a child inserted into a body in mid-life crisis. I did save all the "My
Documents" folder in an external hard drive or thumb drive. Somewhere. So
hope springs eternal.

I return to my stateroom/the patient's quarters to assess the progress.
Wish us well.



--Karen H said...

I understand there are good Mac laptops available....

--Karen H said...

Actually, if you want a PC laptop, wait until October 22nd, when Windows 7 comes out (MUCH better than Vista). You'll find some really good deals at vastly discounted prices, under $600, even under $500.

I understand the Window 7 environment mimics the Mac experience a lot. (No, this time I'm not teasing.)