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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Bad News From Home

Major Bummer!  I called home from Sri Lanka and could hear in Margaret's voice that something was wrong.  Apparently, two days ago, Wanda the cat was hit by a car and was found in a neighbor's yard.  She's the cat featured near the beginning of my blog, back in June or July.  I was shocked and dumbfounded, as Wanda seemed too sharp to allow that to happen.  My theory is that it was a hybrid car that did her in.  I say that because she grew up near busy intersections (46th and Fremont Ave in Seattle) and never got in trouble.  She was used to traffic.  Well, I should stop with that blathering, as I'll only get more depressed.  I know it will really hit me when I return home in two and a half weeks and not have her greet me. 

That enough for me for now.  The ship will be leaving Sri Lanka early tomorrow morning.  Might as well sign off.


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--Karen H said...

Oh, Dave, I'm so sorry. I really liked Wanda, and she's a fierce hunter to boot. (((HUGS)))