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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Weird-Assed Shit...

Is Mercury in Weird-Assed Shit mode?  We're talking the world of communication and the means of getting through.  It's as if you're trying to get something done, and it's the means which is keeping it from happening. 

I've been trying to ship out for the past two or three weeks, and it has been for not.  I keep on getting aced-out by others with greater priority.  But that's how unions rig things to favor those who have been on the waiting list the longest. 

Still, Mercury in WAS keeps running interferance in other ways.  The lastest victim was my recording a video clip of my many takes of two ukulele songs I've been working on.  Ha ha!!!  So I finally have a reasonably good take of Minnie The Moocher.  I turns out that the file is too big for me to upload, via email, to this blog.  OKAY!  Now what?  You see, there never is an easy way.  There never is.  Sure, the idea is so sweet, easy, and perfect--but it never works the way you were hoping it would. 

On the otherside of things, I had to visit my mom to give her a hand with some work around her house.  On the way back, I decided to take the ferry from Southworth to Fauntleroy/West Seattle.  I brought my uke along to practice some songs, in case such an opportunity presented itself. 

It was pretty sweet.  I was lucky enough to get parked at the front of the boat.  Nothing but the changing view of Puget Sound--from the departure view across to West Seattle and the east side of the Sound, the backwards entry to Vashon Island and the northerly view to Eagle Island, and the final approach into Fauntleroy.  All a while, I worked out some tunes on the uke and a number with a harmonica solo.  It felt good.  I promise to get the songs I worked on posted. 


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