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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My How Things Change: Now an A-Book

After my last hapless post, I now feel redeemed. Yesterday, I was sworn in as a full book member of The Sailors Union of the Pacific. I actually was handed my book last week, but it was yesterday that I was sworn in. It has been a long ten years, but I finally made it. I now won't have to wait around so long for work and can afford to be a little more choosy about the ship I take. Also, I can now start to take time away from work during Summer and during the Holiday season. It's a new day.

This is a big sea-change. Since now no longer have to take the first thing that comes along, I can now fulfill a promise I made to finally take a Matson ship running between Seattle, Oakland, and Honolulu. That will allow me to be home, for at least a few hours, every two weeks. I'm looking forward to that! It'll be so nice to see Margaret twice a month, instead of having to wait over five months. Next week, there's supposed to be three jobs opening up on the Kauai. My union agent says there's no reason that I shouldn't be able to get one of those berths.

I can't wait!


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